Available Brands


Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Sensor

Alarm: when the detected smoke concentration exceeds, Red LED will flash quickly and the buzzer will give out quick “Di-Di-Di” alarm sounds.   fashionable and blend in very well with their surroundings.

Smart Wi-Fi Gas Detector

Our Wi-Fi Smart Gas Detector helps keep your home and your family safe with real-time alerts notifying you in the event of a gas leak. Sync with the Lifelong Smart Home app, compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Smart Wi-Fi Door Sensor

Door window sensor round the clock monitoring of your home. Use on doors, windows, cabinets, drawers or anywhere you want to notified when it is opened or closed. Catch every activity and send alerts to your Android or Apple devices, 

Wi-Fi Doorbell

A day and night camera is a security camera that can see the picture during the day hours, when there is enough sunlight, and during the night in total darkness or minimum illumination. A day and night camera has special lenses that allow infrared emission.

Video Door Phone

  • Indoor Station features
  • Hands-free video intercom communication.
  • Supports monitoring the door station and the external analog camera
  • Remote unlocking, Convenient installation and easy operation
  • Door Station features Self-adaptive IR supplement One-touch calling Pinhole camera with 720 x 576 @ 25 fps Unlock controlling



Video Door Phone [2]

It is mainly installed where no of flats are many, particularly in a high rise buildings. In such system Video monitors are installed in each flats but only 1 Outdoor station is fixed at the ground floor lobby of the house, generally outside the entrance.

When the visitor comes, he press the desired Flat no (code) in the outdoor station, the person inside the flat see the pictures and talks with visitor. After he is sure to meet the visitor, he opens the Door Lock at the entrance of Lobby. 

Video Door Phone [3]

CP PLUS Video Door phone comes with 7 inch Color TFT- LCD Display, 4 wires System & is very Easy for installation. Ideal product for home security with added features like Hand Free, Visitor calling , Video Intercom , Unlock & Monitor options. CP PLUS Video door phone is inbuilt with Nano glass camera with aluminium alloy panel, enabled with IR Color Camera, Night Vision with feather touch keypadsCP PLUS Video door phone is inbuilt with Nano glass camera with aluminium alloy panel, enabled with IR Color Camera

Services We Offer

Coordinating communications, tracking, following up on customer complaints, and providing assistance for immediate resolution.

Providing both online and offline support to our customers as per their requirements.

Handling critical and strategic telecommunication issues as per required schedules.

Imparting online training on software programming on the EPABX system.

Hardware and software installation of all security systems and telecom systems, along with Router configuration.

Handling all kinds of man-management relating to the project assigned.